Lewis & Clark County Search & Rescue

Dive Team

Diver under the ice
Diver under the ice

The Lewis and Clark Couty Search and Rescue Dive Team supports the Lewis and Clark County Sheriff's Office for water rescue, water recovery, and evidence searches. The team performs tasks from shore, from boats, and from a hovercraft. It is aided by the Swift Water Rescue Team and the Ice Rescue Team. The dive team consists of divers, tenders, shore support personnel, safety personnel, and medical personnel.

During a mission, one dive team will consist of a primary diver, a 95% diver, a communications tender, a documentation tender, a topside oversight officer, and medical support. Divers and tenders are rigged with hard line underwater communications so that the divers and tenders can communicate with each other throughout the dive operation.

Divers must be certified by a nationally regognized training organization such as NAUI, PADI, or the U.S. military. Divers must be additionally trained in search and rescue diving and the use of specialized equipment.

The team is called during all times of the year and can be found diving in warm open water in the summer to ice diving in the winter.

We are always looking for additional personnel. For every diver deployed it takes 4 support personnel, you don't have to be a diver to be a valued member of the dive team.