Who Are We..... Lewis & Clark Search & Rescue or LCSAR is a 501-C3 nonprofit, all volunteer organization. LCSAR was established in 1960 and has served Lewis & Clark County for over 50 years.

What Are We..... LCSAR was an association with elected board members, search coordinators, team leaders and active members. LCSAR was funded partially by United Way and a $50,000 annual public safety mil levey. We were a fully functional search & rescue organization that was activated by the Lewis & Clark County Sheriff.

What We Are Now..... In 2014, LCSAR membership voted to become an auxilary organization to the Lewis & Clark County Sheriff's Department. As a result, all leadership, teams and members transfered to LCCSAR or Lewis & Clark County Search & Rescue.

Our Function..... LCSAR is a support organization for LCCSAR. Our new function is to raise funds to purchase equipment or materials to help LCCSAR members. LCSAR is still a 501-C3 non profit association with an elected board of directors. We are 100% funded by your donations.

Why We Do it..... LCSAR supports the Lewis & Clark County Search & Rescue Team. By supporting LCSAR with donations, We in turn support requests from LCCSAR for equipment and material to support their operations.

Donations can be sent to:

P.O. Box 473
Helena, MT 59624

"So Others May Live"
Lewis & Clark County Search & Rescue

We will be posting more historical pictures of LCSAR as time permits. Here are a few to enjoy.